What is QXL?

Free QuickBooks Training
QXL is an easy-to-use application which creates Excel spreadsheets from the data in your QuickBooks company file. It requires no training – one button exports all of your data. It enables the customer’s familiarity with Excel spreadsheets to allow them to build custom reports and organize data to their preference with no experience in anything but Excel – once they build a report, summary or calculation based on one of these data sheets, they never have to build it again — just one click to refresh the data from QuickBooks and your reports have the latest numbers instantly.
What can I do with QXL?
  • Export QuickBooks Data to Excel format.
  • Export QuickBooks Data to CSV format.
  • Choose export file(s) location.
  • Export to separate files, or to a single file with one sheet per table.
  • Export all tables or selected tables.
  • Export only certain records from a file using a SQL query statement.

Free Evaluation Version

We also offer a FREE QXL trial copy of the software limited to 30 days of use. The evaluation version of QXL is limited to 100 rows of data per table per session.

Technical Support

A FAQ section and a free support knowledgebase is available for those evaluating QXL. All customers can obtain free technical support via our Support Ticket System. Program anomalies will be addressed at no charge and updaters posted on our web site. Support issues specific to your application or requirements may be subject to a $75 per incident consulting fee which is fully refundable should the issue be caused by QXL.

System Requirements

  • Same as for running QuickBooks
  • Operating system versions: Microsoft Windows, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

QXL version 2020 works with the following QuickBooks Editions:

All of our products support QuickBooks USA versions 2020-2002, UK or Canadian 2020-2003. QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions are supported

QXL for QuickBooks Desktop Standard Edition $99.00
QXL for QuickBooks Desktop Professional Edition  Click here for information about the QXL Professional Edition. $299.00

Download QXL for QuickBooks Desktop